The Plundering Planet

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"If only Collier had stuck to straight climate economics like Lord Nicholas Stern, or to new ecological research like the Indian Pavan Sukhdev. What we get is a regurgitation of the politically convenient opinions of rich governments and institutions who fete him. And the further he blunders through the thickets of science into the ethics of resource depletion, the more he reveals the greed that grips the liberal establishment when it comes to nature. His messianic championing of GM foods and global agribusiness could be written by the US department of agriculture; his belief that nuclear power is "completely carbon free" is plain wrong; his proposal that "commercial" or "scientific" farming replace smallholders to provide more food is socially and ecologically dubious; and his big idea that the UN should be given control of fish stocks and should then auction them back to fishermen to sell is . . . well, barmy.....But Collier – he thankfully sees the irony of his ancestors being coalminers – is so keen to address climate change that he trips himself up and makes elementary mistakes. He makes no distinction between energy and electricity or carbon and carbon dioxide. He twice says the Himalayas – as opposed to the glaciers – may melt; he wrongly claims that "all minerals can only be used once"; and he erroneously states that polar territories are not assigned to any nation. When he says that it's impossible to "scale up" solar or wind power, the average power company will despair. We know what he means, but for a leading academic, it's sloppy and it undermines his other arguments."

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